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Melax Tech Selected by Roche for Startup Creasphere's Batch 9 Program

Melax Tech

Nov 10, 2022

Houston, TX: Recently, Melax Tech, a world leader in biomedical Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology, was nominated and selected to be part of Startup Creasphere's Batch 9 Program, one of the largest innovation platforms for digital health solutions globally. Over the next few months, Melax Tech will work closely with Roche to explore innovative programs by developing proof of concepts and pilot projects in advanced data analytics. This milestone is a significant move for Melax Tech on its mission to extract oncology information from pathology reports through state-of-the-art natural language processing technology.

"We very much appreciate being selected by Roche to collaborate with them as part of Creasphere's Batch 9 group; when great organizations come together, real problems are solved," says Andre Pontin, Chief Executive Officer at Melax Tech.

To learn more about Melax Tech's participation in Startup Creasphere's Batch 9 Program, click here.

About Melax Tech : Melax Tech  empowers healthcare and life science organizations to use data science approaches such as AI / Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to extract information from biomedical textual data to solve real-world problems.                                                                                                      

About Startup Creasphere : Startup Creasphere  is the first Health focused innovation program in Munich, established by Roche and Plug and Play in 2018. We focus on digital health technologies that challenge clinical practices, improve data analytics, and enhance the patient journey across the continuum of care. The program provides startups with a dedicated pilot-driven program to accelerate their success, including business development with leading corporations, capital, mentoring, workshop and access to our global network.

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