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Intelligent Team-based Literate Annotation

Melax Tech's literate annotation tool, LANN, is designed for efficient, high-quality text annotation to support information extraction tasks, including named entity recognition, relation extraction, and concept normalization in clinical NLP.  It is a turn-key team-focused application to develop and implement your gold standard for annotation.  


Intelligent team-based annotation


annotation gold


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Feature 1

Save Time

  • Take advantage of dictionaries and machine learning methods for smart, automatic, pre-annotation

  • Support pre-annotation model training with existing annotation files

  • Improve pre-annotation models with real-time online learning

  • Effortlessly develop relation annotations with a few clicks

LANN_Save Time Image.png

Feature 3

Supports Multiple Resources

  • Utilize multiple annotation formats from existing tools such as prodigy, MAI, brat, etc.

  • Easily annotate text and pdf files

  • Upload or import text from any database table

  • Automatically create annotation schema of entities and relations by reading from annotated text

Suppor Multiple Resources_Lann Image.png

Feature 2

Automate Workflow

  • Edit annotation guidelines, record annotation questions (with screenshot support), and update resolved questions in real time

  • Automatic index of semantic types

  • Dynamic search of semantic types during annotation

Automated Workflow_Lann Image.png

Feature 4

Instant Communication

  • Email admin/annotators with proposed/resolved questions

  • Email annotators with assigned tasks, and deleted/rejected annotations

  • Email admin with quality control progress

Instand Communication_Lann Image.png

Featured Resources

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