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Expedite & automate systematic literature review (SLR)

Conducting an SLR can be a challenging and resource-intensive process, especially if the topic requires in-depth analysis or a comprehensive review. However, with the help of our AILA platform, you can efficiently complete the SLR tasks for observational studies. Our cutting-edge, intelligent solution streamlines the process and saves time and effort.

What our clients say...

"A cutting-edge solution for observational studies utilizing AILA to expedite Systematic Literature Reviews."
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AILA has four major innovative technology features:


Comprehensive SLR Lifecycle management, including project/user management, literature search, article screening, data element extraction, data summary & export.


Cloud-based architecture. AILA is deployed on Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with support for serverless NLP/AI modules. In addition, AILA can be integrated with the Client's Single sign-on (SSO).


Cutting-edge NLP technologies, including machine learning, deep learning, and explainable NLP models for article screening and data elements extraction.


Interactive Data Visualization AILA can integrate additional literature data dashboards to support data visualization and discovery

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