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Intelligent Social Media

SELENA, our social media intelligence platform, is designed to assist organizations in analyzing conversations, responding to social signals, and transforming social media data views into valuable insights and actionable plans. SELENA is particularly useful for public perception analysis, tracking misinformation, and gaining a better understanding of key opinion leaders.

Social Media Intelligence Platform Overview

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SELENA is a machine learning-based, interactive tool for monitoring and analyzing

user-generated discussions across major social media platforms.

4 Key processes to unlock insights:


Social Media sources like Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, as well as online forums that engage with others and share information. 


Analyze the data from various sources, including patients, consumers, key opinion leaders, companies, and competitors.


Leverage AI technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning, interactive visualization, and the semantic web.


Feedback and insights on public perception, such as misinformation, KOL's activities and opinions, and patients' unmet needs

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