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Meric is a quick, convenient way to extract textual medical data accurately and at a fraction of the price of other web-based products. Meric offers:

  • Batch Analysis -- This function is geared toward users looking to specify source and destination targets for input text and annotated text results, respectively.

  • Real Time Analytics -- This interface offers an intuitive layout that’s easy to learn and use. See results within minutes of copying text input and selecting the appropriate NLP pipeline.

  • APIs -- Authorized users are able to integrate clinical analysis functionality into their own applications.

  • Flexible Pipelines -- Multiple pre-built pipelines provide users options when applying clinical methodology to existing text data.

  • On Premise Installation -- Meric can be set up as an on-site application or integrated with the user’s existing cloud storage.

  • Affordability -- If cost is a concern be assured Meric delivers, at about half the cost of other web-based options.

  • High Performance -- Backed by the award-winning technology of Melax Tech, Meric consistently outperforms the competition.

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