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ChatGPT & Generative AI: Paradigm Shift in Healthcare & Biopharma Innovations? 

The replay of our recent webinar on March 1st, 2023 features a lineup of expert speakers and topics; you will gain valuable insights into the evolution of large language models (LLMs), the opportunities for ChatGPT in healthcare research & the biopharma industry, and digital innovation solutions utilizing LLMs. 


First Speaker: Jingcheng Du PhD,
Director of NLP Research at Melax Tech

Dr. Du is a seasoned professional with expertise in implementing NLP AI solutions in the life sciences. He provides expert guidance on the best practices for implementing NLP/AI in leading global pharmaceutical companies. With a background in biomedical NLP research, he has made significant contributions to the field and authored over 60 peer-reviewed papers cited over 1400 times.

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Next Speaker: Yanshan Wang PhD, FAMIAAssist. Professor & Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Health Information Management at University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Wang has over ten years of research experience in AI and NLP methodologies and applications in healthcare. His research goal is to leverage different dimensions of data and data-driven computational approaches to meet the needs of clinicians, researchers, and patients. In addition, he is chairing the NLP Working Group of AMIA this year.

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Final Speaker: Xiaoyan Wang PhD, FAMIA
Chief Scientific Officer at Melax Tech

Dr. Wang is a leader with a track record of driving innovations and transforming healthcare with data intelligence and has been recognized for the development of N L P platforms and translational research in various areas, including oncology, immunology, and cardiovascular, among many others. She has previously served as Vice president of Biopharma Solutions at Sema4 and GDX and has worked as a faculty member and principal investigator at the University of Connecticut.

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