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Surabhi Datta, PhD

Senior NLP Scientist

Dr. Surabhi Datta is a Senior NLP Scientist at Melax Tech, where she conceptualizes and designs novel NLP methods to automatically capture clinically meaningful information hidden in unstructured biomedical and clinical data (e.g., radiology reports, clinical trial documents, etc.). Such structured representation of important and rich information in the text is critical to various healthcare applications, including deep phenotyping and cohort retrieval.
Before joining Melax Tech in January 2023, Dr. Datta completed her Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at UTHealth, Houston. Her dissertation focused on extracting spatial information from radiology reports to facilitate downstream clinical applications. Dr. Datta has publications at top informatics and computer science venues, such as the Journal of Biomedical Informatics and the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. She also served as a Doctoral Fellow under the UTHealth BIG-TCR (Biomedical Informatics, Genomics, and Translational Cancer Research) Training Program funded by CPRIT (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas). At Melax, Dr. Datta drives and conducts NLP modeling projects to cater to leading biotech companies and advance biomedical NLP research.

Surabhi Datta, PhD
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