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"JPS Health Network chose Melax Technologies because of the strength of its bioinformatics and data science team.  Not only is Melax an award-winning natural language processing company, their team provided substantial support that allowed the JPS team to reach its objectives. We recommend Melax Technologies to institutions looking to simultaneously see the big picture while incorporating previously inaccessible detail."

"Ciitizen's goal is to empower seven billion citizens across the planet with all of their health data. LANN gives us the ability to rapidly scale our annotation efforts across our clinical NLP models by providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface both for the data scientists and subject matter experts.  Ciitizen was impressed by Melax Tech’s hands-on team of bioinformaticians and the support we received to achieve our goals. We value Melax Tech's cooperation in building the next generation of toolsets."

- Tom Corcoran, Data Scientist, Ciitizen

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