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Running a Pilot NLP Project Can Save You Time & Money

To build a long-term project that may entail thousands of records, companies need to know the concept behind their project is sound — in terms of the perceived outcome and the process chosen to design the program.


Proof of concept (POC) is a process by which a company can verify that the data sources, study design, and working relationship with the analytics provider will coalesce into a viable solution.

Questions to Consider Before Investing In a Data Analytics Project

What is a Proof of Concept?

A proof of concept (POC) provides evidence that a project is feasible. The POC will incorporate all the “moving parts'' that the full-scale project will include. Although run on a smaller scale, a POC should encompass a large enough sample to prove the process will yield the expected results.


Taking a major analytics project to scale without running a test may result in lost time, budget overruns, and errors.


The POC, when successful, will present confirmation that the project is on the right track. A POC also helps decision-makers know the company they are working with is capable of bringing the project to scale.

Will our data be secure during the POC?

Yes, you can rely on your sample data to be secure while Melax Tech works on your POC. The data will belong to your company and not be compromised.


All applicable HIPAA and PHI regulations apply during the POC and when you contract with Melax Tech.

What does a POC Offer?

The main goal of a POC is to let potential customers evaluate the analytics tool offered.

In the case of Melax Tech, that tool is CLAMP, the Clinical Language Annotation Modeling & Processing toolkit.


The POC also helps decision-makers evaluate:

  • General requirements of the project;

  • How well the analytics company can align their expertise with the project’s goals;

  • Necessary process refinement before engaging in a fully-developed project, while spending a proportionately lower cost.

What else might decision makers learn from a POC?

When dealing with a software toolkit like CLAMP, users need to understand whether the software is:

  • Easy to use,

  • Easy to integrate within existing systems and,

  • Able to accomplish the project.

Equally critical, the client will experience the expertise of the Melax Tech development team and their ability to provide support throughout the project.

How does a POC differ from a Statement of Work (SOW)?

The SOW is an agreement that defines the POC.


A SOW will focus primarily on the technical aspects of the project.

What is the typical time frame of a POC?

Once the SOW agreement is signed, the POC can be completed in approximately two to four weeks.


Although the SOW will detail the timeline, the ultimate goal of a POC is to get a sample project up and running within a time frame that quickly allows the decision makers to vet the analytics company, and meet and work with the support team. The POC is the chance for a decision maker to see their project goals in action and to compare the concept to their expectations.

Next Step After POC?

When the POC is completed and the technology officer is ready to move forward, a contract is developed to focus on the development, financial and contractual terms of the full project.

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