Development and Deployment

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Meric is a quick, convenient way to extract textual medical data accurately and at a fraction of the price of other web-based products. Meric offers:

  • Batch Analysis -- This function is geared toward users looking to specify source and destination targets for input text and annotated text results, respectively.

  • Real Time Analytics -- This interface offers an intuitive layout that’s easy to learn and use. See results within minutes of copying text input and selecting the appropriate NLP pipeline.

  • APIs -- Authorized users are able to integrate clinical analysis functionality into their own applications.

  • Flexible Pipelines -- Multiple pre-built pipelines provide users options when applying clinical methodology to existing text data.

  • On Premise Installation -- Meric can be set up as an on-site application or integrated with the user’s existing cloud storage.

  • Affordability -- If cost is a concern be assured Meric delivers, at about half the cost of other web-based options.

  • High Performance -- Backed by the award-winning technology of Melax Tech, Meric consistently outperforms the competition.

Hybrid Pipeline - CLAMP

The CLAMP system provides high-performance NLP modules and pipelines customized for clinical text. Its user-friendly interfaces quickly build customized NLP pipelines.

  • Annotate local data and retrain machine learning models with a few clicks

  • Specify rules on top of ML models to improve performance

  • Export NLP pipelines as web services for easy integration

  • Provide Java APIs for individual components for system integration


Literature Annotation - LANN


Designed for efficient, high quality text annotation to support information extraction tasks, including named entity recognition, relation extraction and concept normalization. LANN is a turn-key team-focused application to develop and implement your gold standard for annotation.

  • Time saving dictionary and deep learning uploads; annotation schema definitions

  • Structure and index annotation guidelines to your standards

  • Multiple format and database support - Prodigy, MAE, brat; text or pdf files; database and file extraction

  • Quality assurance

  • Team annotation review and agreement check; discrepancy resolution built on your gold standard

EHR Chart Review - VITAL

By leveraging state-of-art information retrieval and information extraction technologies, Vital provides a powerful yet user-friendly platform for quickly searching millions of clinical documents in EHRs, to efficiently identify cohorts of patients of interest, as well as specific phenotypes for each patient in a cohort.

Use cases of Vital include healthcare reporting, disease registry curation, and clinical and translational research. Our studies have shown that Vital dramatically improves the efficiency of manual chart review in both operational and research tasks.


  • Schedule processing tasks

  • Allocate computational resources for each task

  • Search and visualize outputs of NLP outputs

  • Support Common Data Models(CDM) such as OMOP CDM