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Comparing Open Source Vs. Established Products for Meeting Critical Deadlines

The Problem

Our client had been grappling with a competitor's product for a year, investing substantial funds without achieving tangible results. Frustrated with the lack of progress, they approached Melax Tech to develop a solution that would meet their requirements within a tight timeframe of just two weeks. The aim was to minimize costs while delivering a superior outcome.

Using cTakes, an open-source NLP platform with limited customization capabilities, our client faced several challenges. They struggled to provide their own clients with the expected results, including accurate data transformation, timely production, and the ability to compare patients' health risks against identified cohorts of care.

The Melax Tech Solution

Within the short span of two weeks, the Melax Tech team successfully addressed our client's concerns and delivered the desired accuracy and outcomes. Remarkably, this achievement was realized at a fraction of the cost, eliminating the need for additional staff.

The Results: Meeting a Critical Deadline, Cost Savings of $500K, and Improved Accuracy

Adopting Melax Tech's comprehensive Clinical Language Annotation, Modeling, and Processing Toolkit (CLAMP) was pivotal in achieving the desired results. CLAMP, a sophisticated clinical NLP software, enables seamless recognition and automatic encoding of clinical information from narrative patient reports.

The outcomes of implementing Melax Tech's solution are impressive:

  1. Two-Week Turnaround: The project was successfully completed within a remarkably short timeframe of just two weeks.

  2. Significant Cost Savings: Our client estimated potential savings of up to $500K compared to client-built solutions with similar functionalities.

  3. Accuracy Ranging from .7 to .9: The achieved accuracy level ranged between .7 and .9, with 1.0 representing 100% accuracy, ensuring reliable results.

  4. Training and Support: After a year of utilizing CLAMP, our client continues to experience accurate and cost-effective outcomes. Melax Tech provided ongoing training and support to ensure the sustained success of the solution.

By leveraging NLP, implementing quality assurance practices, offering technical support, and utilizing hybrid solutions, Melax Tech enabled our client to overcome their challenges and achieve their objectives efficiently.

The case study exemplifies how Melax Tech's CLAMP can solve critical problems within a limited timeframe, generating substantial cost savings and delivering accurate results.

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