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Case Study: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Return on Investment (ROI)


Melax Tech specializes in advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help businesses optimize their operations and enhance clinical quality. Our case studies have shown significant benefits, such as a 33% decrease in coding personnel, an 80% reduction in chart reviewers' workload during analytical analyses, and an impressive 98% accuracy rate in identifying patients' clinical conditions.

Our tools were developed in collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Major pharmaceutical and healthcare clients have placed their trust in our reasonably priced tools with a proven positive return on investment/ROI.

Scalable Savings and detection Excellence


  1. 80 – 90% of all hospital EMR data is in the format of unstructured data

  2. Unstructured data makes data retrieval complex, slow, error-prone, and time-consuming

  3. Retrieving unstructured data requires significant workforce time and personnel.

  4. CODING, regulatory reporting, operational/clinical analyses, quality improvement, patient outcome studies, and research all depend heavily on unstructured data:

    • Accordingly, retrieving unstructured data in a hospital’s normal course of operations results in:

    • High personnel requirements and thus high payroll costs

    • Lost revenue in CODING errors

    • Significant limitations on the depth, accuracy, and timeliness of core hospital programs such as clinical

    • Quality improvement, operational excellence, research, population health


  1. Our solution leverages NLP to extract structured data from unstructured Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), which makes it easier to access and analyze important information such as surgical notes, pathology reports, history and physicals, and other written documents.

  2. By utilizing NLP, the time-consuming and laborious task of manually reviewing individual documents during clinical and operational data analysis, including CODING, can be eliminated.

In conclusion, Melax Tech's technology can be a valuable asset to your organization, helping to decrease costs, boost revenue, and enhance the quality of clinical information. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.


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