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Key Opinion Leader Analysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical companies need to identify individuals who are leaders in their fields of study for various business needs. Pharma terms these individuals “Key Opinion Leaders” (KOLs). In addition to deep expertise in their fields, these KOLs often influence major research themes in a given area of study, access to research funding, and assist in federal and state policy governing these areas. Consequently, companies can gain important strategic insights and influence by identifying KOLs and fostering engagement.


Our team has developed a highly customizable tool that can support pharmaceutical clients in identifying the most impactful Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in a given field, disease, or other areas. Our product uses deep-learning AI, combined with our industry leading natural language processing (NLP) libraries, to extract and synthesize information from publications, social media posts, clinical trials, and other publicly available knowledge sources. This information is then visualized in the profiles and dashboards of those KOLs in a given area of interest. This allows our pharmaceutical clients to quickly screen and identify key individuals for engagement.


Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are crucial for pharmaceutical companies' success. Our AI-driven tool uses deep learning and natural language processing to quickly identify the most influential KOLs. This enables our clients to gain strategic insights and engage with these thought leaders efficiently. Our tool is a valuable asset, bridging the gap between expertise and impact in the pharmaceutical industry. We remain dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical companies in their pursuit of excellence and progress.

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