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Constructing Biomedical Knowledge Graphs to Discover Hidden Information

Knowledge Graph (KG) originated from Google with the aim to enhance the search engine with information gathered from a variety of sources, encodes structured information of entities and rich relations in a network, and has tremendous potential for impact on healthcare knowledge discovery. According to Absolute Market Insights, the global semantic knowledge graphing market will be worth US$ 3 billion by 2027.

Our cutting-edge technologies and expertise in biomedical natural language processing, machine learning, and semantic modeling enable Melax Tech to build a comprehensive pipeline for knowledge graph construction and evaluation for the biomedical domain. It supports a variety of use cases, such as visualization, question-answering, and knowledge discovery (e.g., drug discovery). The current knowledge graph contains over 700 thousand unique entities (e.g., disease, gene, chemical) and 43 million relations from literature and other important biomedical resources. Melax Tech is partnering with major pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions on biomedical knowledge graph product development.

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