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Build vs Buy

How you decide to achieve data analytics results matters.

Melax Tech explains the pros & cons.


How long will building a data analytics platform take?

You can expect to spend minimum of six months to develop your platform and several more months to fine-tune the program for your staff to employ successfully. That's based on clients who tried to build before they bought.

How long will it take to employ a pre-built platform?

Once your project is defined and you know which datasets you'll be using, expect the project to get off the ground in weeks, not months. That's based on a client that spent a year on their project, before they discovered Melax Tech.


Who is on your Development Team?

  • How many team members will you need?

  • UI developers

  • Software engineers and architects

  • Product and project managers

  • Frontend and backend developers

  • Quality assurance testers

  • User support

That's in addition to the employees who will actually use the software.

Melax is your Development Team!

You'll save hundreds of thousands of dollars, since the cost of development is spread across all our clients. One of our clients estimated it would have taken a minimum of $500,000 to develop a dev team and solution that, frankly, Melax has already built. Your personnel costs drop. Upgrades and software refinement at Melax are on-going. If you need to customize some aspects of your project, the Melax software development team is able to optimize our IT to your advantage.


What to do when it's time to scale up.

Over time as your business needs grow, you may need to ramp up your data analytics team. You'll likely have to grow your dev team as additional projects and opportunities arise.

Machine learning is the core of scalability.

At the heart of natural language processing is machine learning. Melax software learns in response to client projects and needs. Plus client projects have access to ML based on de-identified samples and pipelines.


Results driven by your mission

Melax Technologies will be your development team, so you can act on analytics that drive your mission: healthcare innovation and improvement.

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