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Melax Tech Partners with Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Melax Tech

May 25, 2022

Melax Tech has entered a 3-year partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center as their official NLP platform provider to achieve de-identification on clinical notes.

HOUSTON, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Melax Tech, a world leader in AI-powered software provider of biomedical natural language processing (NLP) technology, announced today the partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), one of the largest academic medical centers in the Southeast as their official NLP technology provider. This partnership will provide the de-identification of VUMC clinical notes to promote the secondary use of EHRs for the Vanderbilt research community.

"We are grateful to VUMC for the trust they have placed in our organization and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship," said Andre Pontin, CEO of Melax Tech.

The benefits of this partnership include:

  • Moved outdated local data center to Microsoft Azure & Databricks cloud platform

  • Utilize the scalability of the cloud platform for accelerated parallel processing on a large scale of EHR data

  • Leverage cutting edge de-identification technologies to protect patient confidentiality, thus allowing the vast VUMC patient data to further research

About Melax Tech Melax Tech empowers businesses, laboratories, and other life sciences organizations to use natural language processing (NLP) technology to unlock unstructured textual data. Clients use our AI-powered software to uncover insights, make decisions, and research breakthroughs. With a team whose expertise encompasses more than 20 years of experience in developing clinical NLP technology, Melax Tech has ranked first in a dozen international NLP challenges. This award-winning software is used in computer-assisted medical coding, clinical decision support, surveillance, care quality, patient safety reporting, and client-defined projects.

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