Melax Tech, Renowned NLP Tech Firm, Announces Sponsorship of BioSpark Group

Melax Tech

Dec 2, 2021

Teaming with NonProfit Biomedicine Organization Expected to Boost BioMed Advancement

HOUSTON, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Houston-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology firm Melax Tech announced today that it has joined in a sponsorship arrangement with Cambridge, Massachusetts-based BioSpark Group. BioSpark, a non-profit organization, is focused on establishing a scholar and entrepreneurship network and facilitating scientific translations within the biomedical field. Melax Tech is known internationally for its award-winning work in text annotation and extraction within the life sciences and biomedical domains.

By aligning with BioSpark Group, Melax Tech expects to continue growth in unstructured text data extraction and normalization in biopharma R&D applications, as members in BioSpark's community could access Melax Tech's CLAMP framework to explore uses for the technology.

"The relationship between Melax Tech and BioSpark Group comes naturally, as both the group's members and our company are invested in improving the quality of healthcare and care reporting, and breakthroughs in pharma and medicine," said Andre Pontin, CEO of Melax Tech. "We look forward to showcasing our software capabilities in educational programs to BioSpark members during the coming year."

The Melax Tech sponsorship will begin in January, 2022. Among the projects Melax Tech will offer BioSpark members is a webinar to introduce the range of possibilities Melax Tech's CLAMP software offers to researchers.

About Melax Tech: Melax Tech has an array of software built on CLAMP, as on-premises or cloud-based options. Mercury is a self-service, pay-as-you-go text annotation product for medical and life science projects. LANN, a literature annotation tool, allows researchers in pharma and related industries to locate references to diseases, medications, ADEs and usage patterns. VITAL is chart review software that, among other uses, improves areas such as billing and coding accuracy. All Melax Tech's products offer options to develop projects that involve social media and telemedicine.

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