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MERIC NLP is a quick, convenient way to extract textual medical data accurately and at a fraction of the price of other web-based products.

MERIC NLP allows administrators to continually monitor and refine projects at half the price of competitors. The results are processes and outputs that can be reproduced by project teammates for better, more reliable analytics reporting.

MERIC NLP Overview

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MERIC NLP Pipeline List

Comprehensive Clinical Information

This is the most comprehensive pipeline from Melax, which recognizes four primary clinical entities from clinical notes: "medical problems", "medications", "treatments", and "lab tests", as well as their modifiers, including (1) "negation", "severity", "uncertainty", "condition", "subject", and "body location" for "medical problems", (2) "form", "dosage", "strength", "route", "duration", and "frequency" for "medications"; (3) "negation" for "treatments"; and (4) "negation" and "value" for "lab tests". All "temporal information" associated with primary entities will be extracted as well. Moreover, all extracted primary entities will be mapped to standard codes in corresponding medical terminologies: SNOMED-CT for "medical problems", RxNorm for "medications", ICD-10 PCS for "treatments", and LOINC for "lab tests".

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