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World Leaders in Biomedical Natural Language Processing

Melax Tech empowers healthcare and life science organizations to utilize natural language processing (NLP) to solve real-world problems.

Melax Tech is Now Part of Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)

Discover the powerful combination of Melax Tech's AI and NLP with IMO's clinical terminology and data quality platform.

Our NLP Portfolio of Solutions

Our company offers CLAMP technology software for medical and life science projects. MERIC NLP offers text annotation on a pay-as-you-go basis. LANN allows researchers to locate references on diseases, medications, ADEs, and usage patterns. VITAL NLP improves billing and coding accuracy. Our products support project development in social media and telemedicine.

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Watch how our NLP solutions are solving real-world problems

With a team whose expertise encompasses more than 30+ years of expertise in developing clinical NLP technology, we have repeatedly ranked first in international NLP challenges. Today, our award-winning software is utilized by over 650+ organizations to extract key information from biomedical textual data. What we uncover goes on to solve real-world problems.

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